The first time we met was on a volleyball court at Southern Oregon University; it was winter of 2008. Nothing special formed, it was anything but love at first sight. Kevin was impressed with how hard Crystal Marie played, but thought she was a bit too friendly. Crystal Marie liked the way Kevin smiled, and that was enough to consider him a friend. They played on several teams together over the next couple years, and eventually Crystal Marie asked Kevin about playing Ultimate frisbee with him, too. He didn’t think much of it, and loved bringing more women to Ultimate frisbee. Crystal Marie and her best friend, however, had already decided that Kevin was the marriage type and one of them should take advantage of him … or of that … or something.

Well, not much happened between them other than being sporting acquaintances, which hardly extended beyond high-fives and “better luck next time”’s. Eventually, Crystal Marie got up the courage to ask Kevin a question, one she had no idea what the answer would be; a question Kevin would be totally amazed and dazzled by. Crystal Marie had been watching Kevin closer than she suspected he was picking up on, although, he was not at all unaware that the pot was on the stove; he just didn’t know what was cooking. She had been scrutinizing his every move, reaction, and apparently Facebook post (Crystal Marie is still unwilling to admit that this was stalking). Kevin had prepared himself mentally to defend against a lot of different questions from girls and he was not about to be tricked by a pretty face. Ultimately, she posed the following question; perhaps the only question which would make Kevin never want to stop talking to her:

September 26, 2010

Crystal Marie Hooper:


I hope your marathon training is going well. It’s coming up in a couple weeks right? I wish you luck.

This is a little random but I was wondering if you would be up for discussing your religion with me[…] I would not say I’m looking to change my beliefs, but I want to see the differences[…] I would love to hear why you believe what you believe and what exactly it is that you believe. I don’t mind if we do this in person over lunch one day or over email. I completely understand if you are not comfortable doing this at all or if now is not a good time for you, just let me know.

Thanks for your time,

September 26, 2010

Kevin Roberts:

How could I pass up such a magnificent opportunity 😀 

If you know Kevin at all, you know not to ask this; that is unless you have several hours set aside for being talked at. It turns out, Crystal Marie did. They went to a restaurant for dinner one evening and Kevin talked for nearly two hours with only a few minor interruptions.

To be Continued…