We clergy are the ambassadors of the faith, the first to represent Orthodoxy to outsiders. If we are closed off, aloof, and unapproachable, we will be nothing but a barrier to others, for they will not come close enough to Orthodoxy to be able to “taste and see”, and we will have failed, as Christ’s priests, to have shown forth His light, in our lives, for a darken world that needs Orthodoxy, now more than ever.

 Abbot Tryphon


These wise words do not ring true only for those called into the Holy Orders but each of us. We are all, as Orthodox Christians, called to be set apart. Each of us is a representatives of the faith. Each day we must be Orthodox. Live our lives in patience, gentleness, kindness, with a spirit of humility.

I am often not one to seek out and engage in conversation with those I’m not well acquainted with and keep to myself mostly in my day-to-day activities but this should not stop me from living a life that, quietly perhaps, but nevertheless proclaims Orthodoxy.

“Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”