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An Except from Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit: PG. 27

Man, who was created “in the image and according to the likeness” of God, acts as a mirror that resonates or reflects God Himself. The person who reaches perfection becomes god in all things, “without the identification of nature.” This, however, becomes possible only when the mirror’s surface is clean.  Whatever is on the surface, not only a black mark or dust, but also valuable gems or pearls, prohibits the proper reflection, or, at best, creates misshapen refractions.

I’ve recently started reading ‘Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit’ as part of an Orthodox Bookclub put on by Sylvia of http://www.orthodoxmom.com. I started pretty late into this cycle to I’m reading as much as I can to hopefully get it finished before the discussion starts, which could be any day now.  I’m truly looking forward to being part of this. It will encourage me to make time for reading. I allow myself to believe that sitting down to read is a luxury that I can’t afford and what I’m doing is much more important, but in reality, there is little that is as important as reading the Lives of the Saints.

St. Justin Popovich says …

The Lives of the Saints are nothing else but the life of the Lord Christ, repeated in every Saint to a greater or lesser degree in this or that form. More precisely, it is the life of the Lord Christ continued through the Saints, the life of the incarnate God the Logos, the God-man Jesus Christ Who became man.

– St. Justin Popovich, Orthodox Faith and Life in Christ, p. 36