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In an effort to stand by my word and open up a bit more here in this little space. I’m starting the first of a small series of posts, sharing a small piece of myself each week.

This is meThe Introvert –
If we had the pleasure of meeting in person, you’d likely notice rather quickly that I come across as shy and reserved. In general, I consider myself to lean quite heavily towards the introvert side of the social spectrum. I prefer to remain in the background, to tread quietly, unnoticed unless needed. Conversationally, I do best in one-on-one situations and small intimate groups. Medium to larger gatherings drain me and require a period of solitude where I can unwind and recharge. If unable to recharge properly, any quiet solitary activity such as reading, cooking, gardening or running,  I quickly become emotionally and spiritually drained. This in itself, is not necessarily bad but if I’m not careful I can easily shut myself off from the outside world and hide away in the comfort of the familiar. This isn’t new, groundbreaking knowledge but it’s important for me to remember. Opening up, whether online or in person leaves me vulnerable but it’s the vulnerable, the trying, the difficult that cause growth and I’ve got a lot of growing to do.

“Our lack of compassion, hardness of heart, and mercilessness towards others form an impenetrable curtain between ourselves and God. It is as if we had covered a plant with a black hood, and then complained because it died from lack of sunlight.” – Fr. Alexander Elchaninov