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The second post in my mini-series about myself, in an effort to open up.

This is meThe Farm Wife-
 Since the early days of our friendship, Kevin and I realized our mutual love for farming. We started out marriage with the hope of owning a small piece of property that we could live out our farming dreams on and knew it would be at least 10-15 years of disciplined saving to even consider affording such a place.  We accepted this and begun our farm fund savings. By an unlikely twist of events, we were catapulted into farming much sooner than either of us expected with more help that we could ever have anticipated. 

For the past 19 years Kevin’s parents have lived on a small 6 acre property in Southern Oregon. By chance they ended up with two hard working,  like-minded sons with the shared dream of farming, who were more than willing to see what could become of this little property. With full support from our parents, we all moved in together and jumped right in to see if, together, we could succeed at this small farm thing. 

After 6 months of hard work to lay the foundations down we are just starting to see the results of farming. Currently we have a bursting greenhouse, ever expanding garden, a milk cow, 50 laying hens, 300 baby chicks, and lots of fruit trees and berry bushes, with lots on the horizon. Just yesterday we attended our first growers market as an official vendor. Two Kingdoms Farm’ , family owned and operated! We’ve got our work cut out for us but by God’s grace we are giving it our best shot.


Asparagus coming up!


Bursting planter boxes!


Cut flowers, ready soon.


Chicken tractors, these will house our meat chickens.