Well it’s been longer than I wish since my last post. I’ve never been consistent with posting but I have sincere hopes to become a bi-weekly blogger! Perhaps more if time allows. I had hoped that once we moved in to the new house I would start blogging more often but initially we didn’t have our Internet connection setup, and as of late the computer is sharing the same room as the bed because we lost our wireless router in the move and our bedroom is the only room with a hookup. Which means that when Genevieve is napping (prime Internet time), I can’t be on the computer because baby Genevieve, though normally a good sleeper (a co-sleeper), will wake immediately upon hearing the mouse click or finger taps on the keyboard. The new router is in the mail and should arrive on Friday, until then post can only be made when Genevieve is asleep in the guest room, with until last night didn’t have a bed in it. It’s been good for me. I’ve been vastly more productive around the house, with only my smartphone to distract me. 🙂

Updates –

The wall upstairs is partially up. Door hung, drywall in place. It’s going slower than we expected but we decided to build in a storage space over the stairs with took more though than we intended. I would post some pictures but they will have to wait because we’ve lent a friend our camera for a few days.

Which brings me to the next update, she’s borrowing our camera to learn to use it so that she can take pictures at Kevin’s ordination to Subdeacon. His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill will be making a special trip to our parish tomorrow to preform the ordination.  We’re excited to take this next baby step towards the priesthood.

I’ll have to cut this short due to the sounds of the wee one waking, off I go!