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After another long silent spell I’m back. This time with hopes of sticking to it. I’ve made and am making some changes that will allow more time for this space.

First up on the list of changes is that I’m starting my days earlier. I’m committed to waking up at 5 am for the next two weeks. I’ve been flirting with the 5 o’clock hour since I got pregnant and have have spurts of loving the early mornings. It feels like the ideal time for me to wake and say prayers before the hustle and bustle of the day overwhelms me. My body would like for me to be snuggled up in the covers next to baby Genevieve but I feel it’s better for my soul to rise early. I’ve noticed that I’m more willing to start my day off right; to say prayers, then spend a few minutes reading something spiritually beneficial. I’m then allowing myself a few minutes on the computer. I plan to set a time limit but at this stage I don’t know what that will look like.

The second change I’m implementing in the next to weeks, will be to attempt posting twice weekly, even if I feel I have very little to say. Perhaps the words will flow easier once I make posting a habit. So forgive me if my next few posts seem silly or unimportant. Currently I’m aiming for quantity, not quality, though I hope they are not terribly horrid.

Lastly, I am getting rid of my Smartphone. Just typing that causes a bit of anxiety but It’s happening. I love technology, the world at my fingertips, being able to find anything at any time on my fancy phone but I’ve been feeling convicted about the importance I give toward it for some time now. I do not want to miss these moment with my daughter because I was glued to my phone. More than that, she watches me and she already sees the attention I give that little glowing rectangle in my hand, I’m toeing the line of treating it as and idol and when I recognize that, the decision to get rid of it is a simple one. I’ve recognized in myself the weakness towards being always plugged in and I’ve tried to simply cut back my usage but it has a sneaky way or creeping back. I am not strong enough at this time to fight the temptation. I know there are mothers our there that navigate these waters with better footing, an more self control but I am weak. Consequently, I am severing ties with my beloved Smartphone and perhaps Instagram as well. Simply due to my uncertainty to use Instagram without my Smartphone. If I can find a way around it, I will because I’m keen to keep up the relationships that instagram has allowed me to forge. From now on I will be allowing myself Internet time during the day but not at the expense of time with my daughter nor the neglect of my household duties. I’m confident this change will allow for more meaningful interactions on the web because I will have less time to alot to it. Please have patience with me as I work to better both myself and this blog and pray for me.


Our small family with His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill at Kevin’s Ordination

Family pic from this weekend

Family pic from this weekend