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The last two days have been a bit of a whirlwind. We invited our Priest and Matushka over for dinner last night and I was in full speed cleaning mode for the last two days. Since the house is an active construction zone there was quite a bit of stuff to clean and organize to make the house presentable. We managed, but just barely, the word frantic comes to mind. I was attempting to get to the computer for a quick post but I think Genevieve sensed the excitement, she has been sleeping poorly the last two nights and would only go to sleep with substantial rocking. I attempted to slip away from her during one of her naps yesterday, stealth mode style and I managed to get one foot out the door and… “Where are you going? Can I come?” Nap over.

Dinner was a success. We had Roast Beef, Butternut squash, Roasted beets, a salad and Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese frosting and soaked walnuts. Yum! I would have taken pictures but we ate too fast, I thought about it while looking at the empty dishes. Oops. I find so much joy in cooking, especially when it’s nourishing food that’s good for my family and guests. The dinner itself was healthy, no sugar or flour but then I decided I wanted to make cake and well… not so healthy.

I’ve also had these lovelies sitting on my counter.  Vegan Pumpkin spice bread! They are delicious, if I do say so myself. You can’t even tell they are vegan. I made them to send a dear family I know in celebration of their youngest daughter’s baptism but I forgot that Monday was a holiday, and didn’t have my act together on Tuesday.I was afraid shipping them any later than that would push them over the weekend and with no preservatives I didn’t want them going that long. I’ll be making more to send on Monday. So, if you’re reading this, prepare for some goodies.

Fast friendly pumpkin spice bread

Fast friendly pumpkin spice bread