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Tis the season for mushroom hunting! Now that the chicken processing season is through Kevin is able to spend a bit of his free time mushroom hunting. It’s a favorite pastime of his and we’ve often slowed the car for what I call “phantom mushrooms”. During mushroom season, Kevin frequently imagines seeing mushrooms along the side of the road as we drive to church, we’ve yet to actually find one that we spotted from the car, hence the ‘phantom mushrooms’.

This Saturday was the first day in months that Kevin wasn’t required to do anything specific and we took the change to celebrate and spend the day together with some friends. Mushroom hunting of course, it’s the season after all.

We had some mushroom loving friends meet us for a breakfast with plans to explore some nearby BLM land in hopes of finding some goodies.  Now, I have not caught the fungi fever yet and I tend more towards fungi-phobe, but I love to hike and spending time with good friends. It was an enjoyable afternoon for all and Kevin even found a decent haul of shrooms! Honey mushrooms, lions mane, coral mushrooms and a puff ball.

beautiful day coral mushroomsfriends lions manefriends2We keep a pretty tight budget, in hopes to afford some larger expenses in the future, think second baby, farm truck, goats; and due to that we try to make the most of days like Saturday. It was a treat for us to spend the day together with friends and each other. The simple things. As I laid in bed after church Saturday night i couldn’t help but think how blessed we are, to have the God’s beautiful creation to explore and each other to lean on. Things aren’t always perfect but I am so thankful for my husband and my daughter. I have been given far more than I deserve.