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I’m not sure what rock I was living under but somehow I managed to avoid watching “It’s a wonderful life” until yesterday. I seem to remember seeing part of it, but halfway through I realized I hadn’t seen the end! What a wonderful story but you probably already knew that.


What a warm start to the holiday season, though to tell you the truth, I have been listening to Christmas music since October. I have a soft spot for Christmas music. Both Orthodox and Secular. I love it all! Lucky for me, we follow the Old Calendar so we don’t celebrate Nativity until January 7th! More days of Christmas music!

Sylvia over at Orthodox Mom helps to prepare our souls during the fast by organizing Psalter Groups. During each of the 40 day fasts, she invites us to join her in reading the Psalter every day. We are separated into groups of 20 and on the first day you are assigned a Kathisma. Then you move to the next kathisma each day, if you reach Kathisma 20, you begin again. Between everyone, the entire Psalter is read each day. We have 4 groups going currently.

I was assigned Kathisma 20. As of today, I am on Kathisma 5. It’s such a wonderful tradition to prepare oneself for the birth of our Lord. If you want to join us, head over to Orthodox Mom and ask Sylvia to add you to a list.