At the risk of sounding like everyone else this time of year, I’m so thankful. This past week was full of goodness. Thanksgiving was wonderful all on it’s own.

Kevin has Thanksgiving day as well as Friday off which meant we got him all to ourselves for the morning. That doesn’t happen very often and we loved it. We laid in bed as a family and played with Genevieve, said prayers together, went to the Thanksgiving Akathist service at church. The Akathist we sang was The Thanksgiving Akathist: “Glory to God for All Things” and it happens to be our favorite Akathist.

Everlasting King, thy will for our salvation is full of power. Thy right arm controls the
whole course of human life. We give thee thanks for all thy mercies, seen and
unseen. For eternal life, for the heavenly joys of the Kingdom which is to be. Grant
mercy to us who sing thy praise, both now and in the time to come. Glory to thee, O
God, from age to age.

I was born a weak, defenseless child, but thine angel spread his wings over my cradle
to defend me. From birth until now thy love has illumined my path, and has
wondrously guided me towards the light of eternity; from birth until now the
generous gift”s of thy providence have been marvelously showered upon me. I give
thee thanks, with all who have come to know thee, who call upon thy name.
Glory to Thee for calling me into being;
Glory to Thee showing me the beauty of the universe.
Glory to Thee spreading out before me heaven and earth
Like the pages in a book of eternal wisdom.
Glory to Thee for Thine eternity in this fleeting world;
Glory to Thee for Thy mercies, seen and unseen.
Glory to Thee through every sigh of my sorrow.
Glory to Thee for every step of my life’s journey; for every moment of glory.
Glory to Thee, O God, from age to age!

Full text of the Akathist can be found here.

Then we made vegan pumpkin pies together and just enjoyed ourselves. In the afternoon we headed to Kevin’s aunts house for a meal with family. It was a pretty perfect day for us.

Thanksgiving Day