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Last Friday brought the most wonderful gift, Snow! Glorious snow! Around six inches of it, which is fairly unheard of around these parts of the Rogue Valley. Even more strange is that it’s hung around for a full week; We still have a beautiful blanket of white wrapping us up in coziness! We tend to get a dusting of snow once or twice a year but rarely is it in December and it usually flees as the sun comes out. I fall firmly into the snow lovers category and am quite enjoying this unusual winter wonderland.

I’ve been busy baking up a storm, homemade breads, cookies and butters are filling our freezer to be gifted during Western Christmas. Neither Subdeacon Kevin, nor my family are Orthodox and in the past we usually find ourselves celebrating December 25th with them after a morning liturgy. We try to walk the line of celebrating Western Christmas with them and remaining rooted in fasting and moderation until our Feast on January 7th.  We’ve decided to do something different this year. We will spend December 24th and 25th at St. Herman’s Monastery in Platina, California to celebrate St. Herman’s Day! We are very excited.

It has been far to long since our last visit, before Genevieve was born and its high time Genevieve sees her Godfather again. It’s been almost 5 months since she’s seen him last, far too long. Active, involved Godparents are so important in the spiritual health of all of us as Orthodox. I hope that a deep relationship will grow between her and her Godfather, one of loving instructions and heartfelt prayer. We are working together to raise a Godly Orthodox Woman. Lord, have mercy on us.

John Chrysostom says the following about this: “To educate the hearts of children in goodness and virtuousness is the sacred duty of parents. The violation of this duty makes them guilty of spiritual infanticide … There are parents who spare no efforts to make their children happy and wealthy; but for their children to be good Christians – for such matters the parents have little need. This is a terrible shortsightedness! This is the very reason for the problems from which society groans … If the fathers strove to give their children a good upbringing, there would be no need for laws, or courts, or punishments. Prisons and executioners are necessary due to the lack of morality.”