Due to the cold weather and the dangerous icy road conditions at our Parish Church, we were given the opportunity to have Liturgy in our home last Sunday. The roads to our house are plowed and traveled more often so it’s a safer journey for most than the journey to our Church, which is 25 minutes out of town on a small curvy road that’s rarely plowed. Kevin spent all of Saturday Evening and Sunday morning preparing the house to look less like a house and more like a Church. He hung over 30 icons that had been waiting to be put up. Moved all our furniture into the spare room. Set up our lampada’s and even used a bit of creativity to work as a makeshift lampada stand above the altar. I was unable to get pictures during liturgy, but afterwards I snapped these. Kevin did the best he could with what we had and I’m proud to say it didn’t feel like we were at home but instead like we were in Church. I loved it so much that we decided to leave it like this for a while and instead of a prayer corner, we have a prayer room!


Theotokos Christ