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Last Thursday my Brother-in-law Nolan was rushed to the emergency room. He was in intense pain. He has been fighting Hodgkins lymphoma for 3 years now and was doing much better as of last Spring and Summer. During the holidays he took a turn for the worse and has been getting weaker and weaker, with kidney pain increasing weekly.

Thursday evening he was admitted into the oncology unit. Tests were done and we are told both kidneys are functioning at 15%, and he has stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma all over his body.

Please pray for him. For healing but more importantly for his soul. We do not know how long he has or if he will recover. He has a young wife, who needs prayer. My words are few so I turned to a beautiful prayer found in the back of the “Akathist to the Almighty God for help in trouble”. It’s a prayer for oneself but I’ve added Nolans name instead. It has brought me immense comfort these last few days.

NolanSave Him, O my Saviour, according to Thy mercy and not according to his deeds. It is Thy wish that we be saved. Thou knowest how to accomplish his salvation: wherefore, save him as Thou desirest, as Thou canst, as Thou knowest.

Save him by the judgments which Thou knowest. I place my hope in thee, O my Lord, and entrust him to Thy holy will. Deal with him as Thou wishest: If Thou desirest to have him in light, be Thou blessed; if Thou desirest to have him in darkness, be Thou likewise blessed.

If Thou openest unto him the portals of Thy loving-kindness, blessed art Thou, O Lord, Who hast closed them unto him in accordance with Thy righteousness. If  Thou destroyest him not with his iniquities, glory to Thy righteous judgment. Deal with him as Thou desirest. Amen.