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Since we have now publically announced the little bean I’m growing, I though I’d share a few details about how this pregnancy has been so far.

For starters, I  absolutly love being pregnant, carrying a life, sheltering and nurturing it within me. I know not all women feel that way and the pregnancy can be very difficult for some, but for me, so far, God has blessed me with comfortable enjoyable pregnancies. I think it has a lot to do with our diet and active lifestyle.

We have been eating almost exclusively organic since we got married and I have been and still am a runner. I ran through my entire pregnancy with Genevieve and since 4 months post-partum Genevieve and I have covered many miles together in the jogging stroller. I find that on days when I run, even a short run, I am mentally more engaged, physically energized and overall happier. Days when I skip, I tend towards slothfullness. I know from my last pregnancy that for me, consistent running wards off hip stiffness and leg cramps. So as soon as we found out I was expecting, I tightened up my running regimen. A typical running week, for the running nerds like myself would be as follows.

Sunday evening (family run)- 4 miles
Tuesday – 2 miles
Wednesday – 2 miles
Friday – 3-6 miles

It’s a pretty low milage schedule but since I’m not aiming for growth or speed it’s just right.

My diet is a little wonky (technical term). I find that I have the same aversion to eggs and meat as i did with Genevieve. It doesn’t help that this pregnancy falls during great lent and even though pregnant and nursing mothers are not required to fast, my husband still keeps the fast and because I cook for him, I tend to not make a special meal for myself.

My cravings are few but powerful, homemade veitnamese spring rolls, sushi, chocolate milk, and waffles. I am pleased that at least the spring rolls are healthy, since they are not fried, you can stuff them with whatever veggies you like. On days when nothing sounds good, it’s spring rolls to the rescue.


As for everthing else, for now life continues as normal, with barely a thought that in a few short months, life as we know it will again be turned upside down, in the best possible way.

As a side note, I think carrying a child in the womb has a unique way of spiritually recentering a mother in a way that sometimes gets lost in the hands-on parenting of an infant, bringing priorities back to what’s important, nurturing and loving through prayer. Through your prayers and the help of the Theotokos, may I be granted wisdom and strength as I continue this journey of motherhood.