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Found this post idea from this neat blog!


Making: prosphora! It’s baking day.
Cooking: white bean dip, pregnancy craving.
Drinking: water. Between nursing, running, and pregnancy, I feel like I’m constantly needing water.
Reading: The screwtape letters / Orthodox dogmatic theology
Wanting: to plant my garden, but I promised to finish cleaning all the dishes first 
Looking: forward to Friday’s babywearing meeting. I might finally learn to tie a double hammock with my woven wrap.
Wishing: for a date night with my husband.
Enjoying: this beautiful stage my daughter  in.
Waiting: for the toddling/waddling to begin. I’m not ready.
Liking: the new routine I’ve been implementing.
Feeling: productive.  Thanks to the new routine. 
Wondering: how do people keep a clean kitchen with two littles around? 
Loving: these first little baby flutters.
Hoping: to build a window box this weekend
Marveling: at how big my darling girl is getting.
Needing: to do my daily post-run stretches.
Smelling: homemade chicken stock simmering.
Wearing: running clothes. Changing after my morning run is too much work.
Noticing: the loveliness of summer flirting with us this week.
Brainstorming: how to improve our bedtime routine.
Bookmarking: running injury prevention and post-baby half marathons
Opening: a book I’ve been neglecting.
Giggling: with Genevieve when I kiss under her chin.
Feeling: pleased with the last couple days hard work.
Missing: the quietness of Platina.