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The past two weeks have flown by and I’m just barely getting caught up after all the craziness. A surprise visit from a beloved friend, hikes, a birthday party, standard pregnancy stuff. It’s been so full of goodness and joy. Last Wednesday Genevieve Emmelia turned one year old, it barely seems possible but in a weeks time she’s gone from seeming like a baby baby to this roaring and ready to go almost toddler. My dearest friend Julia flew in for a quick visit with her 20 month old daughter Jane and Genevieve seemed to have caught the walking bug. She hadn’t been showing much interesting in walking yet but after seeing Jane cruise around, it seemed like a lightbulb when off and now Genevieve is trying to keep up. In one weeks time she learned the joys of walking around holding on to one of mama’s hands exploring everything with her wobbly little feet. It will be a very short time before she’s cruising around on her own.

Her birthday party turned out to be exactly as I had hoped. Small, intimate with lots of time to shower her with love. With Julia and Jane in town, it made it extra special because Genevieve got to have a playmate her size and those sweet girls had a wonderful time in the kiddie pool my mom bought Genevieve as a birthday present. They played and laughed and we smothered them with kisses and love. It was perfect.

I’ve been so careful with her diet so far that I was not about to throw it out the window for a silly birthday cake.  So, I spent way too long trying to find some sort of baby cake or cupcake that I considered suitable. I merged some recipes I found online and the result was a sprouted, soaked, banana and apple sauce sweetened cupcake with cultured cream cheese apple juice sweetened frosting colored with a hint of beet juice. They sure didn’t look pinterest worthy but I felt good knowing that Genevieve’s first grain wouldn’t upset her sensitive tummy or give her a sugar rush. We gave her 3 tiny cupcakes, because she’s still known to choke on too large of bites but she thoroughly enjoyed them.

I cannot find words to express the utter fulfillment the past year has brought me as a wife and mother. I am eager to see what this next year will bring.