Meet the newest members of our family Rosie and Leonard! Rosie is the beginning of the milking herd that we’ve been dreaming about for a few years now. Leonard, Rosie’s brother will be playing the role of companion for Rosie until we find another potential milker to take his place. We will be waiting to breed Rosie until late spring of 2015 as we want her to mature a bit more. Currently we’re on the lookout for a doe that is ready for breeding and are hoping to have some kids of our own come Summer or Fall 2015 and begin milking from there. Ideally we will end up with a 9-12 doe herd and rotate breeding schedules so that we have milk all year around. This is one step forward in our farming endeavors and we could hardly be more excited about it. The property we are currently living on is in a great location for a milk stand and is layed out well for goats, an unexpected benefit of moving! We will be improving and expanding our goat area, building a stanchion and kidding stall, upgrading and replacing our fences to make it a really nice place for them and hopefully a decent source of income down the road.

Genevieve and I are spending a bit of time with them each day to build their confidence in us, as of now they are quite skittish and uncertain but I think given time, they will warm up to us.

Other happenings, the garden has just about run away from us. We planted zucchini, yellow squash, corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, kale, onion, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes and blackberries and everything is either being harvested currently or a few weeks from being ready. We would consider is a modest garden but we have been forgetting to harvest the zucchini and now some of them are rivaling Genevieve in length. I should be making some zucchini muffins to freeze for quick snacks when the baby is here, but at this point I have other priorities, such as preparing the house for a my home visit on Friday. I have hopes to get some of the Fall/Winter garden in before the babe arrives but with the size of my current to-do list, it doesn’t look promising.