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Today marks 40 weeks and 4 days of this pregnancy. Past due, overdue, late, all terms that are being thrown around these days. I must be honest, I fully expected to have my child in my arms by now, but I’m being gently reminded that its simply not up me, that I’m not in control. Physically I’m still comfortable and have no problem with remaining pregnant for a few more days or weeks, mentally I am so ready to meet this little person that each night I get a bit more anxious and impatient, but again, its not up to me. Babies come when they are ready, and mine seems to want to bake a bit longer. I don’t think babies should be induced at 40 weeks, just because society says they’ve overstayed there welcome. I hope you hear that sweet babe, We’ll be waiting for you until it becomes unsafe for you to remain in there, even if we have to wait another few weeks, but know that we’re more than ready for you, if you decide to come tonight! All this to say, yup, still pregnant, just wanted you to know.

In my very pregnant state, I decided to skip 5 minute fridays prompt and write on my own, I’ll pick up again next week.