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Somehow it’s the 6th already. My Christmas/New Year cards aren’t sent, my house is a bit of a disaster, I haven’t shower yet this year, neither have I made it to the grocery store, but some really good things have happened too. I’ve removed myself as a user of facebook, and set some new goals, specifically  my prayer rule, reading goal for the year, daily hydration goal, running goals and one that affects this blog space the most. I’ve decided to join the 365 days photography project!

I’ve always been interested in photography and for a while now I’m been hoping to dive into manual mode on my camera and improve the quality of photos that I’m taking and I’ve decided that now is the time to jump in. The 365 project is simple, take one photo everyday for a year.

I’ve personally added two requirements for myself…

  • Only shoot in manual mode – and document the settings I used
  • Me Monday – take a picture of myself every monday to document my physical changes of the course of the year
  • Post a weekly recap with my favorite photos every Sunday Evening

I’m hoping that this will encourage me to capture these simple day to day memories better. Time seems to be going so fast and I want to remember these moments.

Day 1 of 365

Being so new to manual mode, having never shot in it before today, I’m not thrilled with my first photo but it will do. We can only go up from here!

Fun fact: Four years ago today on the Eve of Nativity I was baptized into the Orthodox church! A few hours early but I can hardly wait Christ is Born! Glorify Him!