22We are a bit wiped out this week as it was a bit different and more involved than normal because we were anxiously waiting on a special baby girl to arrive. My dearest friend was due with her second child. I was present for her first labor/birth but because they now live in indianapolis IN, I was unable to be physically present for the birth of this sweet one. We were on pins and needles waiting for news of her arrival. Theophania (Thea) Joy arrived swiftly and safely on Friday and we all rejoiced fully. When I received the announcement of her birth I couldn’t help but think of these two lines in the “Thanksgiving Akathist, Glory to God for all things.”

Glory to Thee for the unforgettable moments of life
Glory to Thee for the heart’s innocent joy

Ikos 5

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We had well baby visits and postpartum checkups this week. And I’m grateful that everyone checks out perfectly healthy.

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The weather gave us the gift of a sunny day and we took advantage of the warmth and played our first game of ultimate frisbee in months. Even though I’m sure winter will appear with a vengeance next week, it felt glorious to not need a long sleeve shirt and bask in the warm sunlight for a few hours. Lazarus especially enjoyed it as he feel asleep in the rays of the sun while we played.

All in all, we left the hour for hour long errands five times this week, which is more than enough to exhaust this homebody. I’m hoping this week is calmer and less busy. To encourage peacefulness within myself I’ve started knitting again and though I was never an accomplished knitter, but I have hopes to knit a good size blanket for our bed. There is something so cozy about a knit blanket that is just calling my name. It may be one of those projects that I start and never finish but I hope that if nothing else, knitting will give me another outlet for peacefulness in my day-to-day routine, and the introvert in me is loving it so far. We’ll see if I’m making any progress in a week. Till next time!