The sun appeared this week and delighted one little girl with multiple afternoons spent outside. I forget how much she loves to explore the property. Never tiring of running to and fro stopping a hundred times to examine something, feeding the goats and the kitties. She’s such an outdoor darling and even of rainy days we try to at least take her outside to get the wood for the fireplace. She rides in the wheelbarrow and I’ll often detour on our way to the wood pile, prolonging her moments outside the house, aiming to hit every possible bump or divot in the path, just to hear her squeal with delight as she bounces around enjoying the bumpy ride. Weeks like this and I can almost feel spring calling to us. Warning us of its approach, enticing us with its goodness. Winter has its wonders and goodness of its own but we’ve caught a glimpse of sunny afternoons in the garden, and we are ready!